"I love playing with colors, experimenting with what they do to each other, creating moods. The images zero in on the always seen and never noticed, simple stopped parts of something complicated. It's about revealing myself intimately and connecting with people through shared experience. I also love working with children and encouraging their self-revelation. Painting is simply the best way I've found to get along with myself."

Pam received a B.F.A. in printmaking from Albion College in 1980 and resides on Mackinac Island, Michigan. She taught drawing and painting at the Mackinac Island Public School for many years.

Her artwork and can be found on Mackinac Island at the Jaunting Cart and in the Mackinac Seven Art Group annual exhibit at the Mackinac Island Public Library the month of August.

Please contact Pam to purchase her artwork.

Pam Finkel

Pam and her painting in the window of Doud's Market.



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